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Graduate Program

CSIE graduate programs have a minimum of 150 students at any one time. Our faculties lead these students to ground-breaking research in a wide range of fields and use advanced techniques to address grand challenges at the frontiers of the natural and social sciences and across all engineering fields. To enhance their professional skills and satisfy students' intellectual curiosity, we offer a wide range of electives, which can be grouped into five main categories: Video and Audio Technology, Intelligent System and Machine Learning, Network Communication, Information Security and Cloud Computing, and Parallel Computing and Embedded System

Video and Audio Technology

=Speech Signal Processing

=Digital Audio and Computer Music

=Advanced Database Systems

=Digital Video Systems

=Computational Photography

=3D Computer Game (I)(II)

=Image Processing

=Data Compression with Applications

=Image and Video Processing

=Digital Mesh Processing

=Computer and Robot Vision

=Special Topics on Android Projects

=Android Application Development

=Procedural Content Generation Computing

=Advanced Computer Graphics

=Advanced 3D Computer Game Engine Design and Implementation

=Deep Learning for Computer Vision Applications

=Practice of Digital Image Processing

=Practice of Computer Vision


Intelligent System and Machine Learning

=Machine Learning

=Neural Networks

=Knowledge-Based Systems

=Advanced Algorithms

=Robot Motion Planning

=Coding and Information Theory

=Introduction to Intelligent Robot Applications

=Advanced Machine Learning

=Data Mining

=Artificial Intelligence

=Big Data Analytics

=Practice of Social Media Analytics

=Intelligent Device Communications

=Electronic Commerce

=Introduction to Deep Learning and Its Applications

=Advanced Human Computer Interaction

=Information Retrieval and Applications

=Practices of Deep Learning

=Practice of Edge Intelligence and Computing

=Value of AI and Data

=Python and Its Applications in Machine Learning

=Machine Learning and Applications

=The Fundamental Implementation of Machine Learning


Network Communication

=Computer Networks

=Digital Wireless Communications and Networks

=Computer Simulation

=Mobile Computing

=Modeling and Analysis for Mobile Communication Networks

=Next-Generation Wireless Networks

=Intelligent Device Communications

=Wireless Communications and Network Security

=Wireless Communications and Internet of Things Security

=Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization

=Introduction to Blockchain and Its Applications

=Virtualized Networks and Applications

=Open Source 5G Networking Technology

=Advanced Modern Networking

=Optimization Theory and Applications

=Artificial Intelligence of Things


Information Security and Cloud Computing

=Information Security Practice

=Practices of Information Security

=Queueing Theory

=Machine Learning and Applications in Cybersecurity

=Cloud Computing and Services

=Practices of Network Security Technology

=Wireless Communications and Network Security

=Cloud Computing Information Security

=Information Security Practice

=Information Security

=Practices of Information Security


Parallel Computing and Embedded System

=High Performance Storage Systems

=Procedural Content Generation Computing

=Computer Architecture Simulation and Optimization

=Computer-Aided Design for VLSI System

=Practical Programming Techniques for System Development

=WebGL Programming

=Practice of Sensing System

=Practice of Advanced Sensing System

=FPGA Design Laboratory

=Advanced Compiler Design

=Advanced Computer Architecture

=Real-Time Scheduling Theory