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The department of Computer Science and Information Engineering has a rich history of research and won a great reputation of research excellence. The research conducted by our faculty focuses on many state-of-the-art topics and covers a variety of areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, networks, cloud computing, security, image processing, computer games, animation, real-time systems, database, and embedded systems etc.. The department is also awarded a great number of industry-university contracts and hosts many national research projects or large integrated projects sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology. Our faculty, graduate students, and undergrads also participate in numerous research activities inside or outside the university and tackle challenging issues through innovation and creativity. The capabilities of pioneering new technical frontiers will continue to drive the department a leader of advanced research in computer science in Taiwan.


The current research laboratories led by our faculty are shown in the following table.

Supervisor Lab. Location
Professor Shyi-Ming Chen Fuzzy Information Systems Laboratory RB506
Professor Shin-Ming Cheng Connectivity Laboratory RB-507-1
Professor Tai-Lin Chin Mobile Computing and Networking Laboratory E1-201-3
Professor Kuan-Yu Chen Natural Language Processing Laboratory E1-222-3/E1-222-5
Professor Yi-Ling Chen Data Mining and Social Network Analysis Laboratory RB308-3
Professor Kuo-Liang Chung Image/Video Processing and Multimedia Laboratory RB505
Professor Shih-Fan Chou Next-Generation Communications and Networking Lab E1-201-1
Professor Bi-Ru Dai Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory TR-520
Professor Chin-Shyurng Fahn Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory RB307-3
Professor Huei-Wen Ferng Wireless Communication and Network Engineering (WCANE) Laboratory RB306-2
Professor Shi-Jinn Horng Information Security and Parallel Processing Laboratory RB304-3
Professor Tien-Ruey Hsiang Spatial Computing Laboratory RB303
Professor Jen-Wei Hsieh Real-Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory RB306-1
Professor Yuan-Shin Hwang High-Performance Computing Laboratory RB308-1
Professor Kai-Lung Hua Multimedia and Visual Computing Laboratory RB-308-2
Professor Binayak Kar Modern Networking Laboratory RB-507-1
Professor Yu-Chi Lai Computer Game Animation, and Graphics Lab E1-201-6
Professor Hahn-Ming Lee Intelligent Systems Laboratory RB304-1
Professor Yi-Yu Liu Computer Aided Design Laboratory LB-002
Professor Hsing-Kuo Pao Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Laboratory RB307-2
Professor Shan-Hsiang Shen Cloud Computing and Network Laboratory RB307-1
Professor Wen-Kai Tai GAME Lab E1-201-2
Professor Wei-Chung Teng Cybernetics and Network Security Laboratory RB304-2
Professor Shaojui Wang Information Security and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory E1-201-5
Professor Yi-Leh Wu Intelligent Database Laboratory RB306-3
Professor Chih-Yuan Yao Computer Graphics and Animation Laboratory E1-201-5